David M. Brown is an employment and human rights lawyer  with Kent Employment Law, based in Kelowna, British Columbia. Kent Employment Law and David offer services to clients throughout British Columbia and across Canada.

Kent Employment Law provides strategic advice to both employers and employees in all employment related matters. We have expertise in civil litigation, human rights, employment standards, workers’ compensation and labour arbitration.

In offering our services, David and Kent Employment Law are guided by their underlying philosophy of “Sustainable Employment”, or that the employment relationship is a reciprocal arrangement between an employer and employee. It rests on a workplace that is transparent, collaborative and fair, fostering a culture of engagement, productivity, and commitment.

David M. Brown

Kent Employment Law
1-877-266-7008 (toll-free)
Kelowna : 501 – 1630 Pandosy Street
Vancouver: 560 – 1285 West Broadway

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