More than an Employee: The Making of a Fiduciary

All employees have contractual duties to their employers, including a duty to perform work to the best of their abilities, a duty to follow reasonable instructions and a duty of good faith and loyalty.

While these duties are true for all workers, Canadian law also recognizes that certain employees have duties beyond simply showing up on time, putting in a full days work and acting honestly vis-a-vis their employer. The responsibilities they hold, along with the unique relationship they have with their employer, may escalate their role to that of a fiduciary.

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“Can I work while collecting EI?” – Canada’s Working While on Claim Program


This post was inspired by my wife, who after giving birth to our son a few months back asked if she could work a few hours here and there while on parental leave to get out of the house and earn some extra spending money.

It turns out that people receiving most types of employment insurance (including regular benefits and parental benefits) are allowed to work, although it may not result in much extra cash.

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